June 4th, 2012

A Curse for Gracey Daylittle available in paperback!

A Curse for Gracey DaylittleAll you book fiends and paper-lovers, all you bathtub readers and page sniffers, now there’s a Gracey Daylittle made just for you. A Curse for Gracey Daylittle is now available in paperback! Check out what author Dianne Sylvan had to say about it:

“Fisher’s first novel — first of many, I hope — is both sweet and savory, built on the foundations of a quirky Texas town that feels like it’s always been hiding out there in the desert, woven through with genuinely clever storytelling. The story unfolds like a tale told on a wraparound porch to the clink of iced tea glasses. Fisher creates a world where angels and demons are as delightfully believable as the perfect peach pie, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next slice.”

Empathic pie baker Gracey Daylittle has lived a quiet life in the desert of Love & War, Texas, for ten years. But when she and her sister unwittingly rescue an insatiable Japanese demon from the side of the road, her world descends into a maelstrom of mythic chaos that threatens to destroy her town and the foundations she’s built her life upon.

A delicious fusion of Mexican and Japanese mythologies, the first book in the Love & War series is sure to delight urban fantasy and magical realism fans everywhere.


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