the map of Love & War

Want Some Pie? Bakery Marco and Alejandro Lilac and Lakmei's Trinity Offices Trinity Church You Look Nice Salon Gracey, Tiny, and Prime of Darkness Gracey, Tiny, and Prime of Darkness Bibi and Cheehawk Old Leviathan's Pond Marco and Alejandro

Gracey Daylittle is an empathic pie maker with a unique kind of magic. Ever since she and her sister found the Prime of Darkness lying unconscious on the side of the road, their lives— and their town— haven’t been the same.

Marco Flores is an eight year old with a curious menagerie of friends and an eerie connection to the spirit world.

Lilac & Lakmei Applewhite, a disturbingly similar pair, have moved to town to rebuild the burned-down, historic church. The flickering light coming from their office window never seems to go out.

Like folks in any small town, their lives touch and intersect in innocuous but often profound ways.

These are a few residents of the quiet, west Texas town of Love & War. And these are their stories.

All’s Fair in Love & War began as a transmedia fiction project chronicling the stories of a small Texas town and the unusual folks who live there. I had intended the website to house a handful of sporadic vignettes that supplemented the 6-part novel series. Today, the site hosts related short stories, video diaries, and occasional art projects related to the Love & War project.
Currently, I’m working on book 2. Book 1, titled A Curse for Gracey Daylittle is available on Amazon and is coming soon to other e-reader devices.
Enjoy your stay in Love & War.