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  • Gracey Daylittle
  • Tiny Daylittle
  • Prime of Darkness
  • Marco Flores
  • Alejandro Flores
  • Cheehawk
  • Alma
  • Lilac
  • Lakmei
  • Mitsuo
  • Satsuko
  • ZorroSan
  • Dylan Prescott
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    Demons Love Zombies Like BFFs

    When Alejandro gives Marco the task of finding out for certain whether zombies are real, Marco is sure his brother is setting him up for another prank. But what Marco learns about zombies surprises even him, and Alejandro may discover that his twin is more than he bargained for. (Complete)

    Fury Like a Sorcerer Scorned

    When Gracey and Satsuko discover the presence of Japanese shikigami at Gracey's house, the two must figure out who the sorcerer is controlling them, and more importantly, what that sorcerer wants with Gracey. (In progress)

    Halloween 2009

    Smarties, chocolate, real demons and makeshift. Ouija boards, trick-or-treating, and holiday shenanigans. 2009 is ghoulish and fun. (Complete)

    Minerva's Ghost

    When Marco Flores and his friends unwittingly loose a vengeful spirit on Love & War, Gracey and Tiny Daylittle must solicit the help of some unlikely heroes, including a demon and an unfortunate stage magician, to send the ghost back to its eternal resting place. (Discontinued. Appears in Book #3 in the Love & War book series)

    Pie Recipes

    A collection of pie recipes from the books and webisodes.

    The Education of Marco Flores

    Marco Flores has always known he wasn't like other boys. But when he meets Satsuko, an eccentric, homeless teenager, he begins to understand what he is and how the fate of his family rests on his shoulders. (Discontinued. Appears in Book #2 in the Love & War book series.)

    Trinity Church Restoration

    Trinity Church is notable for burning down not once, but twice. Lilac and Lakmei, the unsettling newcomers, have their own ulterior motives for rebuilding the church—a plot in which the townsfolk of Love & War are but unwitting pawns. (Discontinued on the website)

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