I’m no artist, but I did all of the illustrations on this site, with a lot of help from my very good pals, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, and some awesome creative commons photos from Flickr.


I designed this website with WordPress, and any of its quirks or foibles are strictly my fault.

But, I had help.

Some very awesome people helped me make this project what i is. Johnathan Kahn wrote the completely badass PHP for the post sidebars that allow me to show you which categories/storylines each post belongs to.

My friend Rob Lifford helped me figure out the Ajax on the front page.

This website uses the following plugins:

The expanding/collapsing map of Love & War (no longer featured) made possible by Reveal/Hide javascript.

Code & Hosting

I coded this website using BBEdit on a Mac. This site is hosted by